General Physiotherapy

Our goal is to remove your pain ASAP. We take care of pain that arises from surgery, growing pains, sprains, strains, dislocations, tight areas, gait or postural issues. We are a “hands on” Practice providing you with plenty of advice, education and home self care programs. At Restore Movement, you may use a bicycle, a reformer, wall tubing, wobble boards, step up benches or have hands apply techniques that soothe or “Restore Movement”

Sports Physiotherapy

Our Practice is heavily committed to this area of Physiotherapy. Steve Sandor and Terry Boyd have 20-30 years experience in the fields of Football, basketball, soccer, ballet, triathlons, netball and hockey. Steve worked for the Richmond Football Club, the Victorian Cricket team and is TPI certified as a Golf Health Practitioner by the Teitlist Performance Institute. We see young and old Sportsmen/women and elite or weekend participants.Having played sport ourselves, we understand the disappointment and frustration of injury.

Pain Relief

The main reason for people seeing us is pain relief.And we can help! We have many ways of reducing pain for you. Electrical equipment, iceing, heat packs, strapping, dry needling, mobilizing of stiff joints and soft tissue Massage. Sometimes though advice and education is the main ingredient, helping to remove your fears, or if more serious, we will refer you to your preferred Doctor.


Over the years we have helped hundreds of patients recover from surgery to knees, ankles, shoulders and backs. Many surgeons use our services as we understand the concepts of being patient, pain relief, healing time frames, clear explanations, listening to your needs and progressed exercises. Our goal is to be thorough and keep your family and referring Doctors in the loop.

Exercise Therapy

Being called Restore Movement focuses us on teaching you ways to move better. We may also use Pilates equipment, bicycles, weights, therabands, gym balls, and balance boards to help you progress. Exercises that stretch, strengthen and educate but the experienced Physiotherapists at Restore Movement will progress your exercises as you heal and develop body awareness and movement skills.

Pilates Classes and One on One Pilates

A stepping stone to long term well being. These classes are fun and a big part of our Practice. You can attend either but before entering a Class, you need to be assessed by our Physiotherapists. Rozana, Sophie and Paul all have extensive post graduate experience in Pilates-the type that is specific to your needs. Having participated in classes or one on one sessions,you will learn all about Pilates using specialized equipment. From here, you may wish to take out a 3 or 6 month Membership and use the equipment independently-as often as you wish.

Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation

These techniques are numerous and need to be performed by experienced well trained Physiotherapists. Our team has individuals with up to 35 years experience in this field. When combined with exercises, explanations, habit corrections and modified activity, excellent results are achieved even for long standing problems.

Golf Assessments

Steve Sandor, Sports Physiotherapist is a TPI certified Practitioner. He is able to perform a 16 point test for you that will identify limitations that when corrected will make your swing for effective. This training is conducted by the Teitlist Performance Institute in California.

Cricket injuries

We have advanced knowledge on cricket injuries with our Physiotherapists having involvement with the Victorian cricket team over an 8 year period. Bowler’s back pain, stress fractures, shoulder injuries from throwing, overuse injuries, strains of muscles or sprains can be assessed and treated. Wicketkeepers and batsmen and not just bowlers are treated with Pre season Screening for injuries done for any age group with information sent to your coach.

Exercise Physiology

"What is this”? Many people ask. Well think of a personal trainer BUT with 4 years plus of University education. Simon Gellie has 15 years experience in Private practice as well.He will assess you for mobility,strength,overall well being and establish a thoroughly unique and fun exercise program for you to pursue at our Practice or in your gym or home. Diabetes, chronic pain, general fitness,osteoporosis etc are Simon’s strength and you can claim on your health fund. Check our website!

Home Visits

Restore Movement provides Physiotherapy for those people who are unable to get to our rooms priding they are within 3 kilometres of us.Four of our Physiotherapists are able to assist our coverage to help you get up and going. Referral by your Doctor is recommended but not essential unless you are under DVA, TAC or Workcover.

Remedial Massage

Our experienced team of masseurs is lead by Claudia Witts who has been at Restore Movement for 10 years. She is joined by David Vernon and Jackie Sully. All can provide Remedial Massage, Relaxation massage and Sports Massage. Its can be firm, strong, gentle, precise or heavenly.Appointments are 30,45 or 60 minutes.


Podiatry is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of medical conditions and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. We work as a team with the Physiotherapists of this Practice looking at injuries and pain, toenails and skin. Claims can be made on the spot through your Private Health Funds and Care Plan referrals are bulk billed.

Real Time Ultrasound

This is state of the art assessment and imaging of the pelvic floor and core muscles.It is used by our Physiotherapists to help create exercise programs specifically for your needs.

Golf Injuries

By using the Titleist Performance Institute[TPI] screening protocol of 16 quick tests, we can determine the link between your body and your swing. The reasons for your pain or inconsistency will become apparent and relevant exercises or Physiotherapy will be recommended. Golf injuries are primarily of the back, neck, shoulder, elbow and hip. They will be exposed by our gentle testing leading to strategies that enhance your own unique swing.